Can anxiety and depression counselling make me feel well again?

Yes, counseling has approximately 70% success rate according to research on thousands of studies.

Anxiety and depression take many forms and have many physical symptoms such as chest pain, headaches, low energy, shaking, poor concentration, no interest in life and increased smoking, drinking and even exercise. The other symptoms are being “always afraid” or “no joy” in your usual activities. So it makes sense that good anxiety and depression counselling will also need to be different for each individual and follow an appropriate, flexible approach.

Most people simply don't realise they are depressed or have anxiety as it can increase gradually and can resemble the usual bad/stressful days of life. Anxiety and depression vary from mild to moderate to severe and lea to panic attacks and suicide and hospitalizations any the person doesn’t even know what is happening to them. Many online tests can easily help with a diagnosis such as or

couples can have relationship struggles that lead to anxiety and depressionAnxiety and depression counselling helps by identifying what causes them. We live in an anxious world with work, family and busy lives cause some anxiety. However the major external causes are money/work issues, family (close and extended) and ‘housework’. The last one means the day to day things that people do not know how much it effects others and then make it worse by ignoring or even blaming the other. The small things then grow into major issues.

Internally many factors lead to anxiety and depression such as low self esteem, brain chemistry and incorrect thinking.

The main steps in anxiety and depression counselling are to work out the causes. Then a variety of approaches can assist. Anti- depressants, counselling, diet and exercise should be used together to give the most effective treatment.

But don't ignore the symptoms. Help is at hand.



Can anxiety and depression counselling make me feel well again?