Common Relationship Issues

woman with relationship issues

For Women ...

Many women are unsatisfied with their relationships and worry, feel guilty and try really hard to connect and understand their partners, their family and friends. Often women have been focussing on everyone else and not themselves and need to understand how their messages are being misunderstood.

  • Why can’t I find the right man?
  • Why does my partner ignore me?
  • Is it time to leave this relationship?
  • Where did the love and romance go?
  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • Why am I unhappy when I have the perfect partner?
  • How do I know if he is the one?
  • How do I forgive my partner for cheating on me?
  • How do I stop us from drifting apart?
  • Now my children have left home, what do I do?
  • I feel an attraction for someone outside my marriage?
  • Why don’t I feel like sex with my partner anymore?
man with relationship issues

For Men ...

Relationships are difficult for men because they are not taught how to do it. They are desperate to fix the issues but do not understand how to. With a few simple tips a dramatic improvement can be made for everyone.

  • My partner isn’t happy but how can I fix it?
  • How do I get my partner to enjoy sex more?
  • My partner is always nagging me, how do I stop it?
  • Why do I get so angry at my partner?
  • Am I good enough in bed?
  • Why don’t I feel like sex anymore?
  • Why do we always fight about money?
  • Why is she always trying to control me?
  • I love my wife but why am I attracted to a younger/prettier/smarter woman?
  • Why do I always think about sex?
  • Why do I have problems getting an erection?
  • I feel guilty about an affair, but what happens if my wife finds out?
couple with relationship issues

For Couples ...

Couples need to learn to communicate the difficult things honestly – its easy at the start of a relationship to say all the nice things but real communication doesn’t hurt or offend but makes the hard stuff heard and most times shared in a weay that improves things.

  • How do we deal with our relationship problems?
  • Why don’t we communicate anymore?
  • Why have we fallen out of love?
  • Why are our lives heading in two different directions?
  • Why are our sexual desires so different?
  • Why should we stay together?
  • Why do we feel like we have nothing in common anymore?
  • How do we maintain love and intimacy
  • How do we deal with low desire issues?
  • How do we deal with sexual problems?
  • How do we stay together after an affair?
  • How do we stop arguing and fighting?
  • When is it time to end the relationship?
  • How do we end our relationship and stay friends?

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