What actually happens during relationship counselling?

The benefits of relationship counselling are many. To communicate again like you did at the beginning of your relationship is a the major first step. Anger management and argument rules are taught so that damage is reduced and the effects on children or others close minimized.

a relationship counselling session can be helpful for good relationshipsThe different male and female communication styles are taught so that the couple feels like they are on the same page. This in turn leads to a deep empathy for the other instead of it all being focused on ‘ if they changed I could be happy’ or ‘I don’t feel love anymore’ or ‘they don’t understand me’

With an improved empathy couples can slowly begin to share the activities they used to enjoy together and talk about the old days when they were happy together and probably couldn’t live without each other. Things too easily forgotten with work, kids and life events.
But what actually happens during a relationship counselling session?
Counselling has several stages where clients are understood, not judged and allowed to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. Men and women are given equal time and respect as going to counseling is a very hard thing to do given most people feel shame or less than because they cant figure things out.

Then counselling identifies the positive strengths of the client or their support people and how they can help. They gain insight and understanding from an objective professional instead of the confusing and biased opinions of friends and relatives.

Finally in the action phase clients are given tasks to complete where they progress beyond their issues. This involves doing things to make the other happy rather than focusing on oneself and receiving likewise. This is based on your partner probably has very similar needs but shows them in a different way. Finally couples can work together again on external stressors and lead a more healthy, productive and happy life.

What actually happens during relationship counselling?